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Protect Your Joints + Burn More Calories

Build Muscle + Boost Cardio Endurance

Improve Balance + Strengthen Core

High Energy + Low Impact

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Did you know....BOUNCE FITNESS rebounding absorbs up to 80% of the impact to your joints including knees, back and hips?


Did you know....BOUNCE FITNESS rebounding burns 25% more calories than doing the same activity in athletic shoes?

Originally created for joint protection for athletes during physical therapy


has made it’s way into the

fitness and running world…YESSS!!

Wildly popular in Europe,


has jumped the seas and is bouncing all around north america.


of rebounding offers a

low impact, high energy fitness activity that is great for

running, walking, dancing, bootcamp, kickboxing

or just being taller. 🙂

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High Energy + Low Impact + Super FUN! Rebound fitness is a great way to protect your joints while having a super high intensity workout or running program. The classes are easy to follow and the boots are easy to master and super fun to wear. Click below for more info on our classes + programs!

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